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Origin Catapult Wakeboard Tower Package

Origin Catapult Wakeboard Tower Package
Origin Catapult wakeboard tower with Reborn tower bimini and bimini rack
Market Price $1899.00
Today's Price: $1199.00

Origin Catapult Wakeboard Tower Polished

Tower Measurements

78" to 106" between the deck mounts
65" between front and rear mounts


Seamless 2.25inch, 6063 Aircraft Aluminium tubing.
CNC Machined solid 6061 Aluminium Fittings.
Stainless Steel Hardware.

Reborn wakeboard tower bimini is designed to fit most popular Wakeboard Towers on market,

It is fully adjustable it can slide forwards or backwards for minor adjustments.

The support arms can be at the front, rear, above or below for the right attachment required for your tower.

The main cross bar is pin adjustable and will lock in strong between your wake tower legs.

When towing your boat simply remove the cover via zippers and velcro, the frame is left in position.

How to choose the correct size?

Measure across the boat between the front legs and between the rear legs across the boat at the height you would like you bimini to sit.

For this bimini top it needs to be less than 62" and above 53"
Small 1350V:1.35m (W) x 1.9m(L) or 53in(W) x 75in (L)

Large 1580V:1.58m(W)x1.9m(L) or 62in(W) x 75in(L)
If less than 53" you can only install the bimini above your tower and
we suggest the large size 1580 for all above installation

Clamps 2.5 inch, 2.25 inch and 2 inch tower leg outside diameters.

Available canopy color: jet black and captain navy blue.
This list is for black.

Tower Bimini Installation Guide

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