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Origin O-TB5 Tower Bimini Installation Guide

Designed and produced by Origin Wakeboard Tower
Attention: please fold the tower bimini when used at high speeds (>40MPH)

How to choose the correct size

Please measure your tower top width from curve to curve.

If it is between 54" to 62", choose small size 1470v  62” W x 60” L

If  it is between 63“ to 74”, you will need large size 1870v  74” W  x 60” L

If  the measurement is less than 54” or above 74”, this bimini top will not fit your tower.

Step1: assemble the stainless frame as shown in picture 1, make sure the 2 bows are lined together

Step2: Using the 2 bimini clamps and rubber inserts, install the tower bimini frame onto the tower as show in picture 2, when you choose the position of the bimini clamp, make sure the “X” = or >“Y”.

Step3: Put the canopy onto the frame, the zipper design makes this step very easy.

Step4: Now it is almost done, you just need to adjust the length of the strap to tighten the bimini top and make it look customized.

When you do not use the bimini top, you can fold it and wear the boot as shown in picture 5.


Please keep in mind the bimini is rated up to 40MPH, please fold the tower bimini when used at high speeds (>40MPH), Violation will damage the product or cause serious personal injuries.       

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